Benefits of a Kitchen Island Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Benefits of a Kitchen Island Benefits of a Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island’s have become very popular in newer premium kitchen designs. No matter the style, a kitchen island will elevate any kitchen that has the space for it. A kitchen island has versatile features that benefit both the function and look of your kitchen. Island’s offer a place for storage, seating, space for appliances and provide a place for people to gather around. Here we will dive into exactly what the benefits of a kitchen island are.

Kitchen Islands Add Storage

A kitchen island gives you the option to add drawers, shelves, cabinetry or even a wine fridge! You should plan your island storage based on what appliances you intend on incorporating. If you want additional counter space and seating, you will likely have more storage, but if the island contains a lot of appliances, then storage should be strictly practical. For example, if you have a sink, there should be an area for cleaning supplies and utensils and if you have an oven there, you should create a space for the pots and pans to go.

Extra Seating

The kitchen island is at the heart of all the action within a home, making it the perfect place to eat a casual meal, do projects, or simply hang out. Island’s offer the opportunity to get creative with your styling choices with seats that move around or can be hidden if needed. Island’s typically have barstool style seating and can be used to add some flare to the room if the rest of the kitchen is a bit bland.

Extra Amenities

If you need additional space that contains appliances, an island can be turned into a functional workstation. The ample space an island provides can accommodate multiple cooks simultaneously, which is a nice feature to have when hosting family or friends over for a meal. When amenities such as a sink, dishwasher, microwave, or cooking station are gathered within an island, they are much more accessible whenever you need to use an appliance.


Pendant or chandelier lighting coming from above your island makes your island more functional as well as the rest of your kitchen by providing additional light that will help you with whatever you are trying to get done in there. Lighting above your island also allows for more creativity for a stylish fixture that makes the whole room look better! Nowadays, people are opting for multiple sources of light coming from their island with attachments such as LED lights underneath cabinets or shelving. Lights with dimming options can also be a fantastic addition to your kitchen, allowing the island to be that much more versatile.

Sink View

Islands allow you to customize the view you would like from your kitchen. Many people enjoy looking out over an open floor plan or landscape while they do their tasks in the kitchen, such as cooking, cleaning or just relaxing.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Another notable trend within modern kitchens is using two different cabinet colors, one for the main cabinets and one for the island. Most kitchens will have a more neutral color on the main cabinets and go with something more eye-catching for the island, bringing a bit of design diversity to the room.

Multiple Countertop Materials With Extra Space

While cabinetry variation helps the overall design of your kitchen, it is possible to take this a step further and use multiple countertop materials. Making your island counter a different material or color can help make it pop in the center of the room. It also provides much more area for appliances, cooking, eating, and even getting work done.


A sizeable kitchen island allows a place for people to gather when you are entertaining. It provides plenty of space for people to interact doing things such as cooking together or just having a drink while having fun with others! Without an island, people would be forced to gather in the living room or at the kitchen table, which simply does not have the same effect because it is farther away from things like food and drinks, making hosting much less convenient.

Summary: Benefits Of A Kitchen Island

Islands are becoming increasingly standard in premium kitchens today, primarily due to their versatility from a functional and style standpoint. If you have enough room in your kitchen, adding an island can make your kitchen more appealing to host in and just make your everyday tasks that much easier! If you’re ready to enhance the look of your kitchen by implementing a kitchen island into the design, Concepts by Design can help! We have years of experience remodeling kitchens and can help you obtain the perfect kitchen for your home. To start planning out your kitchen remodel, give us a call at (858) 414-7816 or click here to schedule an appointment.