8 Amazing Trends in Kitchen Design

8 Amazing Trends in Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Kitchen trends constantly change every few years, so it’s essential to stay updated with modern kitchen designs and trends to ensure your kitchen is upgraded with high-quality fixtures and appliances. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help remodel your kitchen, Concepts by Design came up with 8 amazing kitchen trends in kitchen design for you to reference when remodeling your own kitchen!

1. A Hidden Vent

The first design out of the 8 amazing kitchen trends in kitchen design is overhead vents. Kitchen hood vents create an industrial feel and can be large and bulky, usually aesthetically unappealing. Concealing your big hood vent can give the illusion of more space if you put the same-colored panels on it as your cabinets. Concepts by Design can help you hide your kitchen vents and make a more spacious and airier kitchen.

2. Adding Mirrors

Adding mirrors in your kitchen instantly fills blank walls and makes the space feel more significant from the reflection while also adding more lighting. Darker kitchens benefit from mirrors because they make them more vibrant and livelier. Although mirrors in your kitchen might require more maintenance, mirrors are an easy design trend that you can add more life into your kitchen space.

3. Adding a Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is small and you have limited space, adding or installing an island might be an amazing option for you. Islands add more storage, but they also create extra countertop space for cooking meals or entertaining guests. Reach out to one of our team members at Concepts by Design to talk about adding a kitchen island to your home!

4. Dark Countertops & Dark Cabinets

Dark countertops and cabinets are an old trend that is making a comeback. If you already have either dark countertops or dark cabinets, then all you have to do is darken whichever one is lighter! If you want to follow the latest trend and darken the countertops or cabinets in your kitchen, talk to one of our Concepts by Design technicians.

5. Handmade Tiles for Your Backsplash

When looking for a backsplash for your kitchen, you will usually get it from a factory where it is commercially made. One current trend that has popped up with new kitchen designs is creating handmade tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Unlike factory-made tiles, these homemade tiles add more personality and character to your kitchen design by being unevenly placed and imperfect.

6. Rose Gold

One of the 8 amazing kitchen trends in kitchen design, is adding Rose gold coloring in kitchen designs. This trend has started to show up more over the last few years. Using rose gold to accent or highlight specific areas of your kitchen can make your kitchen pop or seem brighter against darker colors. Our Concepts by Design team can help create your dream kitchen today!

7. Mixed Metals

Brass has been the common metal trend that homeowners have included in their kitchen, and home remodel designs throughout the last few years. However, mixing different metals like pewter, copper, or brass has become the primary trend. Incorporating other metals into your kitchen can create more depth to the colors and textures in your kitchen.

8. Advanced Technology

Your kitchen is one of the more advanced rooms in your home. Although your kitchen is regularly filled with essential electronic appliances, light switches, or wall plugs, making technological upgrades might improve your home. These upgrades can help to make life more functional for homeowners when they’re using the kitchen. If you’re looking to make updates to your kitchen, let Concepts by Design get the job done for you!

How Concepts by Design Can Help

It can be hard to stay updated with different kitchen trends that go well with your home. However, making small or large upgrades to your kitchen can immediately transform it into a brighter, more spacious area. To start planning out your kitchen remodel, give us a call at (858) 414-7816 or click here to schedule an appointment.