Home Office Ideas Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas Home Office Ideas

Working from home is the norm of today and a lot of individuals don’t have that spare room to convert to a home office. Trying to work a typical 40-hour work week in these kinds of environments could be a challenge. Let’s look at some alternative solutions.

Pull up a chair to a sofa table

Utilizing a bedside table

A closet can also be a functional work zone. Drawers on wheels and shelves make it easy for storing items and leaves your desktop free of clutter.

work zone at home

Sit-stand desks are also extremely popular. Here is one you can roll into a corner or open space in your home. If you are using a desk-top computer, it provides a handy shelf on the back.

Sit-stand desks

Home-schooling while working from home can also be tricky. Consider converting a bookcase into a dual desk where you can get work done while being close at hand for those teaching duties. As parents your children also need a space free of distractions. This simple idea can be set up at any table to help your home student focus on their schoolwork and surround them with the task at hand.


Working at the kitchen table, in the living room or a corner in the bedroom can often be the background on Zoom meetings. You may see your fellow colleagues in front of the virtual background but when they turn it off, the real back drop is revealed. If you are not using these handy features, be sure to make your bed, hide those dirty dishes in the kitchen and decorate the wall behind you in simple décor.