W Muirlands Drive

Take a look at this beautiful bathroom remodel that Lisa designed for these homeowners in W Muirlands Dr. Per the homeowners’ request, Lisa sought to create an earthy, warm, and relaxing atmosphere. In designing the space, Lisa drew much inspiration from nature.

Concept & Design

For this bathroom remodel, the homeowners went the shiplap route. Shiplap is commonly used in homes designed around beach or farmhouse themes, replicating traditional farmhouse designs. While many home designs leave the panels in their wooden or stained state, the homeowners opted for crisp white panels. White panels give off a natural look but in a more minimalistic approach. In continuing to create an overall minimalistic design, the homeowners selected white cabinetry, countertops, and bathroom doors. To break the crisp white features in this bathroom, sea-foam green paint and warm-toned tiles accentuated with brown strokes that mimic wood grain were used in the space. Shelving nooks with glass shelves and a pebbled tiling backsplash were installed for an added touch of color and texture. To tie it the design all together, natural pieces, such as the wooden bench, woven basket, wooden bath tray, floating wooden shelves, the clay jar, the small houseplants, and the bronze figurines were used. All in all, the design came out beautifully and beyond the homeowners’ expectation.

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