Fairway Road

Take a look at this beautifully crafted bathroom for this home on Fairway Road. An array of textures, colors, and patterns in this bathroom remodel were selected to create an intricate and harmonious design. Seeing how this bathroom is on the smaller side, the primary design consideration was to create an open layout as much as possible. While this can be done in several ways, the design plan was crafted specifically to the homeowner’s needs.

Concept & Design

The cabinets/countertops were strategically placed in an L-formation and off to the side. As you can see, they are set flush against the walls along two corners. And are complemented with a matching-colored floor-to-ceiling cabinet in another corner for added storage. In doing so, this allows for a more open center, allowing the homeowners to pivot from one part of the room to another with ease. For a chic and clean look, light-colored cabinetry and doors with silver handles were selected. This sleek combination has proven to be timeless time and time again. To bring color into the room, a powder blue color was added to the design as the primary paint color. This powder blue color blends nicely into the design without overpowering the other features in the space. To further open up the room,  a glass shower partition and door were used. Choosing to work with glass not only allows for a much airier feel but also helps spotlight the shower design, allowing us to see the intricate tile work and shower features. The floors are set with light marbled tiles with warm tones that tie the entire bathroom design together.

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