How to Remodel a Kitchen (and How to Get Help)

How to Remodel a Kitchen (and How to Get Help)

Happy woman in remodeled kitchen (How to Remodel a Kitchen (and How to Get Help))

When it comes to home remodeling, one of the most popular rooms for this important makeover are kitchens. This is no surprise as the national average for recouping kitchen remodel investments is 74.2%! However, before you start demolishing cabinets, you need to learn how to remodel a kitchen (and how to get help). This blog will go over the primary steps needed for this big project!

How to Remodel a Kitchen?

What is your prime reason for remodeling your kitchen? Are you unhappy with its outdated look? Do you want to increase the value of your home before selling? Do you want a kitchen that reflects your taste in style and needs? Regardless of your reason, kitchen remodels need a plan. Knowing what you need to remodel can help guide you towards what key features you need to focus on. Every process requires steps, and the same goes for kitchen remodeling.

Create a Budget

The very first step is to create a budget for your kitchen remodel. After all, you cannot plan for anything if you don’t know how much you’re going to spend. Remodels can go over budget really easily, so be sure to leave some cushion space in your planned budget. We recommend desiccating a 10 – 20% cushion. This way, you’re prepared in case something goes wrong mid-renovation.

Evaluate Your Needs and Wants

We all know that kitchen appliances play an essential role in any kitchen renovation. However, it’s important that you evaluate your needs and wants meticulously. While it may be tempting to get a wine fridge for your kitchen, is it really necessary? Unless you’re a sommelier, a wine fridge will end up being wasted space and an unnecessary investment. It’s smarter to focus on quality pieces that you will use on a daily basis. Make a list of all of your needs and wants and sort them into categories of things your kitchen truly needs and extra things that would be nice if it fits in your budget.

Consider the Layout

An important aspect of your new kitchen remodel is its layout. Keeping your kitchen layout the same will save you lots of money. However, if your current layout is inefficient and not practical, then it’s an expense you cannot avoid. It’s important that your kitchen’s layout is optimal, so if your current kitchen isn’t working out for you, our expert designers can help you plan out the perfect layout for your home’s specific needs.

Plan Your Kitchen Space

Another essential point of your kitchen remodel is safety. The experts at Concepts by Design can help you plan out a kitchen that doesn’t pose any safety hazards. Prime pieces that should be planned out carefully include:


Counters should have at least 36 inches of counter space for food preparation. There should also be 24 inches on one side of your sink and 18 inches on the other. Having enough counter space is important to cook properly and not have any challenges that may pose a safety hazard.


In order to walk around your kitchen safely, you need to have at least 42 inches of walkway space. Walkways are the space between your counter and island. If you have less than this, the chances of people bumping into each other while working together in the kitchen go up. Safety is always a top priority, so your kitchen should be designed with safety in mind.

Kitchen remodel walkway space


Space is needed for the area in front of appliances to be able to use them. These spaces should be at least 30 to 48 inches. One of the most common problems people face with this is the oven door getting caught between cabinet door hardware. This happens when the oven is put too close to a corner. You also need to know the depth and direction of all swinging doors. Refrigerators are one of the most common appliances that face this issue. If you plan on putting your fridge near a wall, you should get a door that swings away from the wall. Little issues like these can affect the efficiency and safety of your kitchen, so planning out your kitchen space carefully is crucial.

Let’s Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are big projects that require attention to detail and lots of knowledge. To get the best kitchen remodel for your home, the help of an experienced, professional home remodeling company is a must! At Concepts by Design, we have years of experience remodeling kitchens and have the capability to help you obtain the kitchen of your dreams while complying with safety regulations and codes. We hope this blog helped you see how to remodel a kitchen (and how to get help). To start planning out your kitchen remodel, give us a call at (858) 414-7816 or click here to schedule an appointment.