Five Tips for Revamping your Bathroom This Summer

Five Tips for Revamping your Bathroom This Summer

Chances are you’ve landed on this post because you want to refresh your bathroom this summer and don’t know where to start. Undertaking a bathroom enhancement project is no easy task. While your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, it can also be the hardest upgrade. In our latest blog, we share five tips for revamping your bathroom this summer.

Add Some Color to your Bathroom

A great way to revamp your bathroom is by switching up the colors in your space. You can do this by repainting your bathroom, adding an accent wall, or switching out outdated countertops and cabinets. For a more cost-effective route, you can switch out your towels, bathmats, shower curtain, and decor for something more vibrant, modern, or just more you.

Update Bathroom Fixtures

Another excellent way to revitalize your bathroom is by switching out old bathroom fixtures such as the mirror, towel rack, cabinetry fixtures (knobs or handles), and faucets. Switching up your bathroom fixtures can instantly refresh your bathroom. Don’t underestimate what a simple bathroom fixture replacement can do. With different fixture styles available, from modern to rustic, you can be sure to create any look.

Liven Up the Space

While using bright colors is a great way to brighten up your bathroom, another great way is by using plants. Plants can make any room feel fresher and livelier, especially in rooms without windows. Popular bathroom plants include snake plants, bromeliad, air plants, and moss. These plants are great because they require little care and don’t need sunlight to thrive.

Smart Bathroom Products

A fantastic way to fully revamp your bathroom is by incorporating innovative bathroom products such as a smart toilet, interactive LED mirrors, smart showers, chromotherapy lights, etc. Smart bathroom products will not only enhance your bathroom’s capabilities but can also make your bathroom overall more comfortable.

Find a Place for Everything

A thrifty way to enhance your bathroom is by establishing a place for everything. Having a place for everything will allow you to utilize your bathroom better. It will allow you easy access to your toiletries and reduce the chances of clutter. A clutter-free bathroom will instantly make your bathroom feel light, airy, and fresh.

Ready to Start Your Bathroom Makeover Project?

So, what do you say? Are you ready to start your bathroom makeover project? For more tips and tricks, feel free to contact our design expert, Lisa Packard. With over 20 years of experience, she can help you make the most of your bathroom makeover project. Call (858) 414-7816 or click here to schedule an appointment.