Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathrooms are one of the most exciting rooms in the house to remodel. It’s where we prepare for the day or get ready for the night, so it’s essential to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. With all the different shapes, designs, and colors, picking out the right tiles can become overwhelming. To help make the decision-making process a little easier, we’ve created a list of the top 2021 bathroom tile trends. You can achieve a fashionable or timeless look with all the options on the market today. Tile has been used for a long time because it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s waterproof, durable, and resistant to mold, germs, and bacteria.

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes give bathrooms a contemporary feel with their soft but powerful style. One of the benefits of these tiles is that they don’t show water marks and smudges as quickly compared to glossy finishes. Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure your bathroom has enough lighting before installing them since matte finishes don’t reflect light very well. For a low-maintenance and elegant tile choice, choose matte finishes!

Bathroom with matte finished tiles - 2021 Bathroom Tile Trends

Neutral Colored Tiles

Homeowners are falling in love with neutral colors such as grey, beige, cream, and white. They’re so popular that a new color combination called “greige” (a combination of grey and beige) has emerged. White tiles are a great way to brighten up a bathroom and create a calm and relaxing environment. Neutral colors can give your bathroom a versatile backdrop, where you can change out or colorful accessories every once in a while to give your bathroom a fresh look without the need for a complete renovation. You can play around with different textures, shapes, colors, or finishes.

Bathroom with neutral colored tiles - 2021 Bathroom Tile Trends

Wood Planks

Incorporate some natural elements into your home with wood planks. You can break away from the traditional wood plank flooring with larger sizes or exciting patterns such as herringbone. Porcelain wood grain tiles are a great option as they provide resistance to stains and water without sacrificing the aesthetic. Your bathroom will have an organic feel, and you can mix in other natural materials such as stone or concrete.

Bathroom with wood planks - 2021 Bathroom Tile Trends

Marble Tiles

While you may think that marble is only for mansions, it’s been making its way into our homes. This high-end material will create a luxurious and stunning feel for your bathroom. Each tile comes with its own unique style and coloring, creating an appealing overall look. As we see the return of soft color tones this year, it provides an excellent opportunity for marble’s natural beauty to shine. Large bathrooms are perfect for marble flooring with large-scale patterns, turning your floor into a canvas of natural beauty.

If marble is out of your price range, you can opt for porcelain tile that resembles marble! Today’s technology can recreate the intricate depth and veining of marble making it hard to tell the difference. Your bathroom will have a luxurious feel on an affordable budget.

Bathroom with marble tiles

Textured Tiles

We’ve seen textured tiles increasing in popularity over the years, adding depth, variety, and dimensions to rooms. Depending on the material, color, and finish, you can create a striking or subtle appearance. Raked, 3D dimensional tiles, tumbled stone, and mosaic tiles can give your space an appealing visual texture that engages the eye. Textured tiles will turn your bathroom into a work of art! There are endless sizes, shapes, styles, and combinations to make your bathroom one-of-a-kind.

Bathroom with textured tiles

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a versatile and timeless design that keeps coming back into popularity. They come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and patterns that can provide a classic yet modern design. You can even change the grout colors to contrast with the tiles. If you love the look of classic subway tiles but want to avoid looking too conventional, you can add a modern twist. You can choose a beveled, arched, dome, or sculptural pattern. The endless possibilities can turn your wall into a beautiful mosaic!

Bathroom with subway tiles

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles can be uniquely mixed and matched to create a trendy look. Their iconic shapes and energetic patterns allow you to turn your bathroom into a statement. You can reflect your personality and make your space feel unique. Create designs from squares, triangles, hexagons, rectangles, pyramids, and diamonds. You can create an intriguing bathroom design that will have guests doing a double-take. With geometric tiles, the possibilities are endless!

Bathroom with geometric tiles

Concepts By Design

While choosing the right bathroom tiles is no easy feat, we hope our blog about the top 2021 bathroom tile trends has helped narrow down your search. No matter what aesthetic style or atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom, there’s a tile for you! If you have any questions or need help creating your bathroom design, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our phone number is (858) 414-7816, or you can contact us on our website by clicking here.