5 Unique Places to Get Remodeling and Decorating Inspiration 5 Unique Places to Get Remodeling and Decorating Inspiration

5 Unique Places to Get Remodeling and Decorating Inspiration 5 Unique Places to Get Remodeling and Decorating Inspiration

Have you lived in your home for years and become bored with the layout? Are some of the appliances not placed conveniently, and it’s beginning to annoy you? Even if you have an idea of how to redesign the space, it can be difficult nailing down the exact specifics. You may be undecided on the color pallet, types of cabinets, light fixtures, and so on. The best way to narrow down the details is by getting as much inspiration as possible! While it’s easy to check Houzz or Pinterest, you’ll want to expand your sources. Our list of 5 unique places to get remodeling and decorating inspiration will help get your creative gears turning!

1. Do Some Traveling

We’re not saying you have to travel around the world to get inspiration for your guest bedroom. Whenever you’re in a new building, you can make a note of some of their design choices. What do you like and dislike? Going for a walk through a new neighborhood can give you some ideas for your home’s exterior. You’ll get a fresh look at how others have designed their space for aesthetics and function. Maybe you recently went on vacation and loved something your hotel or Airbnb had. If something stuck out to you in a positive way, incorporate it into your home!

2. Get Inspiration from Your Friends

While you don’t want to mimic the look of your friends’ homes, there’s nothing wrong with getting some inspiration! Next time you’re over, pay attention to the details you really like. Do they use a sophisticated color or have an open concept design that allows the kitchen and dining room to flow together seamlessly? If they’ve recently remodeled their home, you can ask them about how their experience was. They may have some tips to keep in mind and some mistakes to avoid.

3. Go to an Open House

While it may seem a little weird going to an open house with no intention of buying, it’s a great way to get inspiration! Each room has been expertly designed and staged to help make the home more likely to sell. There’s no harm in taking some notes from the pros. You’ll get an informative tour where the real estate agent may explain why certain features and appliances are laid out the way they are. The more open houses you visit, the more ideas you’ll have!

4. Magazines

Yes, physical paper magazines still exist! While there are some well-known home design ones such as Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, or House Beautiful, you can find inspiration in many other types of magazines! Architecture magazines have many state-of-the-art trends, contemporary homes, celebrity houses, and projects from around the globe. The best part about magazines is that you can tear out images you like and put them up on a bulletin board.

5. Ask For Help

One of the best places to go for inspiration is to a home remodeling expert! Over their career, they’ve likely seen and done it all. They know what works and what doesn’t. Many companies, like us, offer a free consultation, where you can go over your ideas and goals and ask for advice. This meeting can help plan out the design, include details you missed, and develop solutions you hadn’t thought of before. If you’d like our help, our friendly and experienced team is more than happy to work with you!

Concepts by Design

No matter where you get your inspiration from, remember to go with your gut. If you chose a style or color because it’s popular, but you ultimately don’t like it, it might feel like you’re living in someone else’s home. Think about the style and atmosphere you want your home to have. If you’re in a creative rut, Concepts by Design is always here to help! We hope you enjoyed our list of 5 unique places to get remodeling and decorating inspiration. If you’d like to learn more about home remodeling or want some design tips, you can contact us! Our phone number is (858) 414-7816, and you can contact us directly on our website.